Services We Offer


  • Attorney Services: Legal Process Service, Litigation  support, Witness Location, and Witness Interview for Civil & Criminal Cases

  • Asset Location & Investigations

  • Surveillance: Covert, Fixed and Mobile

  • Insurance Fraud Investigations

  • Background Investigations & Employee screening

  • Domestic Affairs: Child Custody, Welfare, Infidelity,  Stalking

  • Death Investigations

  • Fire Investigations

  • Locate Services & Skip Tracing

  • Consulting

  • Search and locate Public & Proprietary Records and Sources

What to expect from us?


  • During the initial consultation our team will gather all relative and pertinent information from you to assist us in your investigation.

  • You will receive a written contract which will spell out exactly what the investigative services will cost and an estimated time table for the services to be performed.

  • You can expect ongoing communications from us as to the progress of your investigation.

  • At the completion of the investigation you will receive a thorough investigative report detailing all the information developed and services that were performed as well as copies of any evidence or information obtained.